Industrial Divers Corporation (IDC) is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We are a commercial diving company that has been in business since 1984. We provide diving services in inland, coastal, and offshore waters. IDC is staffed with seventeen fulltime qualified commercial divers, and maintains a very extensive inventory of state of the art diving equipment.

IDC owns and maintains all of its equipment in house. Some of our current equipment inventory includes:

Two 36’ twin engine barges, three dive boats, a 33,000 GVW 18’ flatbed crane truck, and a forklift, welding equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, underwater pipe and cable tracking location systems, diver carried magnetometer, metal detectors, OSHA required safety equipment, underwater still and video cameras; including two of the latest state of the art Sony HD-CX550V video/still cameras in Light & Motion Professional Blue Fin Housings, and one Sony HD-SR12 video still camera in a Light & Motion Blue Fin Housing. IDC also has five closed circuit helmet cameras, inspection cameras, and a Trimble survey quality GPS system with Hypack survey software in addition to five WAAS GPS systems for the dive support workboats. Read more......